5 advantages of a paperless office


The entirely paperless office is a utopia for many. However, even partial digitisation can have lots of benefits. What do you gain by replacing paper with bits?

A digital enterprise is way ahead of its competitors:


1. You work more efficiently 

How often do your staff members need to search for paper files? The fact that they need to get up and go elsewhere to find the file is a waste of time. If your files were digitised they would just have to enter the right key word to find the file they were looking for.


2. You make less errors 

The processing of digital files can be automated, allowing you to create a workflow which specifies the steps the document, such as an invoice or a marketing text, must follow. A digital document handled in this way has less of chance of ending up in the wrong place or getting lost. Automatic accuracy checks at each stage also allow many errors to be avoided.


3. You can easily share documents 

Documents and files are a type of communication: you do not write them for yourself, but to share with others. Sharing paper documents can be quite a hassle. You have to leave them with a colleague, in the hope they will be looked at and signed quickly and you have to wait until they are returned. Digital documents on the other hand, are easily shared. Because of the workflow and automatic reminders they never get lost at the bottom of the pile. You can also work simultaneously with others on the same document, for example to finalise a text prior to publication.


4. You can work wherever you like 

Digital documents are an important prerequisite for flexible working, such as working from home or new ways of working. With paper documents you always need to remember to take the documents you need with you. If you decide to work from home at the last minute, for example due to traffic problems, you are in trouble because you have left an important document at the office. Digital documents are the answer: just connect to the company network, and you can access all the relevant documents, wherever you happen to be.


5. You protect the environment 

Paper documents harm the environment. Trees need to be chopped down and lots of energy is wasted making the paper itself. Ink is no better. By using as many digital documents as you can, you reduce damage to the environment. Digitisation is therefore a fundamental part of corporate social responsibility.


At Orange, we want to contribute to a better world. Read more here about our social responsibility initiatives.

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