Vandenbroeck: "Orange offers excellent levels of quality."


Orange is really good when it comes to customer service.

Carl Bollens



Vandenbroeck is an ambitious transport company from the Leuven area. Communication is crucial to them, as is a good overview of each employee's usage and telephone requirements. “Orange does a really great job for us, both when it comes to customer service and in the quality of the calls.” Using their fleet of 50 goods vehicles and storage capacity of 10,000 m² Vandenbroeck provides both a national and international transport service. The company has nearly 60 employees, all with their own needs and specific requirements in the area of their mobile communication.


The challenge

Various profiles, various needs

The staff at Vandenbroeck are very diverse when it comes to communication. Staff do not all need to make mobile calls at the same rate. “For example, some drives are often abroad, and others not at all,” says Carl Bollens, manager at Vandenbroeck. “You therefore require a mobile formula to suit each individual.”


Visibility of usage status

By viewing usage Vandenbroeck is able to optimise its communication costs. Having said that, this is not just a matter of cost. “We also wanted to see how we, as a transport company, could communicate better, both internally and with our customers.” This involves more consideration of the use of mobile communication, including mobile data.


The solution

Each employee with their own formula thanks to Shape

Each employee at Vandenbroeck has their own tariff plan, and this can also be adapted quickly. “I think that this is really great service from Orange,” confirms Carl Bollens. “It is not only a service to suit the customer as a business, but also to suit all the individual users.” Vandenbroeck uses the Shape offer from Orange. The company selects one of the six formulas for each employee, depending on their individual needs. They are also able to call landlines and Orange numbers used by their colleagues for free using, their mobile phones.


The trick behind mobile internet in a truck?

Vandenbroeck staff are often found in a truck, and the company has the ideal solution. “This is where we apply the principle of the mobile hotspot. This is a SIM card for mobile data which has been fitted in each lorry. This is a very new solution from Orange that works on the basis of the mobile network, meaning those in the lorry can remain connected at all times.” explains Carl Bollens. “This means that we can equip up to eight people in a truck with mobile internet. We can keep an eye on things and modify the use of this hotspot ourselves. We can also set a consumption limit.”


The results

Transparency and flexibility

The result is that Vandenbroeck has a complete overview of all communication use. “Not only that, we can also make our own modifications ourselves, in the Orange customer zone. For example, to set a limit or indeed increase usage per individual or per SIM card”, indicates Bollens. These modifications are also put into place very quickly. “A SIM card is activated in just a few hours”, affirms Carl Bollens, who really values the service. “It is quite likely that other suppliers offer something similar, but Orange is really good when it comes to customer service”, in his opinion.


… and better quality

There is not only progress in the service, but also in the communication itself. Staff can call and send mails on a mobile basis and things are going well. “I am thinking in particular of the quality of the communication and mobile conversations. Orange offers excellent levels of quality in that area compared to some other operators”, he confirms.


Are you similar to the transport company Vandenbroeck, employing staff with very diverse needs when it comes to telecommunications? Find out how you can offer each employee a solution tailored to suit their individual needs with Shape, and discover the Pocket Hotspot which connects 5 mobile devices to the internet simultaneously.

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