Why is Orange investing in the landline network?


Mobile and landline are now merging and soon all communications will go through a single IP connection. This is why we're modifying the system to increase data volume. This means unprecedented opportunities for your business.

First of all: what are IP services?

IP services are channelled through a single connection type. Voice over IP telephony is a good example. Your call passes through an IP (Internet Protocol) data network as you browse on the same line. In reality, multiple services go via the data network. That is why we speak of "All IP".


Why is Orange optimising its landline network?

We would like to prepare our existing infrastructure for the expected data consumption boom and the challenges it will generate. In other words: a broadband connection (such as VDSL) based on the Ethernet protocol replaces your current connection. You can then get the most out of cloud computing.


What services are/will soon be available?

First we have the existing, ever more important services: VOIP telephony, video conferencing, IP payment terminals, surveillance cameras, audio streaming and Internet of Things. Then new services are emerging, which require higher bandwidth. For instance, patient and senior care via IP.


Practically, what's in it for you?

  • You benefit from higher access speed: up to 70 Mbps in theory
  • The speed of the backbone network now goes up to 100 Gbps
  • It's a solid base for new services with higher bandwidth and increased quality
  • You can count on high reliability: IP limits the required combination of technologies


What's the interaction between landline and mobile?

In recent years, we already invested heavily in the mobile network. We now focus on the landline network. With the merger of Orange's landline and mobile telephony, 4G, for which we were at the forefront of the deployment, will also benefit from the changes in the landline network.


Will the modifications have an impact for you?

Does your company still have an ADSL or SDSL connection based on ATM? It will be transferred to the new Ethernet technology at the end of 2015. However, you will perceive no change on the network, apart from a possible brief interruption that we will quickly restore. In other cases, your cooperation is required. We will, however, reduce the inconvenience to a minimum and we will inform you in advance.



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