CO2logic helps Orange reduce its environmental footprint


For many years now, experts from CO2logic have been helping numerous companies to reduce their CO2 emissions. "A carefully considered approach and above all, measurable in the long term, is essential in this regard," says Antoine Geerinckx, Managing Director.


"It's important to start with an evaluation of the environmental footprint. This step scares many companies. It's only after it's been performed that we can go to the next step: elaboration of a plan and implementation of concrete measures."


Could you briefly explain what this plan at Orange was all about?

"We have launched an ambitious project in 2006. We set four priorities: reduce energy consumption, promote the use of green electricity, implement intelligent waste management, and establish a green fleet, together with a telecommuting system. In 2013, we found that this approach was bearing fruit: CO2 emissions fell by 75%. Today, Orange has even reached carbon neutrality."


It's hard to figure out how a company like Orange wouldn't emit a single gram of CO2

"Like any company, Orange is not able not stop all CO2 emissions. However, the company is one of the few to have voluntarily opted for a special mechanism to compensate for residual greenhouse gas. In short, the company finances climate protection projects worldwide. It helps, for example, to reduce emissions in Uganda by supporting the production of efficient wood ovens."

"Greenhouse gases do not stop at borders and oceans. That's why this compensatory mechanism is both ecological and logical. Residual CO2 emissions at Orange are notably offset by reduced emissions in Africa."


In short, this compensation mechanism guarantees Orange's carbon neutrality.

"Exactly. The Orange buildings, network and shops are now CO2 neutral. The customer thus enjoys mobile telephony that's neutral in terms of greenhouse gas emission. This way, customers also reduce their environmental footprint."


And any reduction is welcome! Thanks for this conversation.


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