Alt´r & Go: responding rapidly


Every day I work in various locations. And Shape is just as flexible as I am.

Damien Cammarata


Whether they are large or small, all businesses have their own needs and expectations when it comes to telecoms. The same goes for individual freelancers and SMEs. These types of business generally do not need complex tariffs, they just need clear and flexible solutions that they can rely on every day. For example, Damien Cammarata, the Director of Alt’r & Go, uses Orange Shape for his everyday needs. "With Shape, I get a package that suits my needs, in terms of tariff, data volume and additional services."


The challenge

Responding rapidly on each site and for each event

"As a technician at Alt’r & Go, I work on a number of different sites, both in people's homes and on business premises. I specialise in audiovisual, so I can end up in places as diverse as the Mons football club and the Mons Arena. So I need to be able to send and receive offers and plans quickly wherever I am." In other words: Damien Cammarata has a unique telecoms profile. His main priority is data volume. But he does not need a costly or complicated tariff which includes a huge number of call minutes or text messages.


The solution

Shape: the flexible and simple mobile solution

"What is the main advantage of Shape for me? The fact that I can easily send and receive the data I need on a fixed tariff and without paying over the odds. When I'm on site, I often need to look at customer details via the server or request plans and send offers via my tablet or my mobile phone. It is far quicker with 4G. Customers are increasingly asking me to check their CCTV cameras and entry systems every day. With Shape and 4G, I don't even have to leave the office. What’s more, there are a range of other additional services included. These allow me to manage my costs, my calls and my devices and to fit them to my needs."


The results

A package for every profile

The Alt’r & Go case history is a good example of Shape’s flexibility. This one-man business takes advantage of Shape Plus on a daily basis with 1GB of data, 300 minutes of calls and unlimited text messages for just 20 euro. It doesn't matter how many members of staff an SME has: as Shape has 6 different solutions, everyone can make calls, send and receive emails and text messages as and when required. What’s more, they can do so without paying a penny more than needed, or getting bogged down in complicated tariff structures. What about staff starting new jobs? Every package can be quickly and easily adapted at any time. Shape evolves to fit your changing business.


Are you looking for a solution to suit your needs? Find out more about the 6 Shape packages and allow yourself to be won over by the speed of 4G.

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