Verisol: “A flexible rate plan tailor-made for us”



Verisol installs solar panels, solar-powered water-heating systems, heat-pump water-heating systems as well as air conditioning and ventilation systems and external wall insulation. This burgeoning business favours an approach which is both sustainable and cost-effective. So it is only logical that it should look for the best and most advantageous means of keeping in constant contact with its employees, customers and suppliers.


The challenge

High call volumes at a low price

"Our employees make a lot of phone calls," explains Tom Martens, director and co-founder of Verisol. "It is to be expected: when our reps are out on the road, they often need to handle queries from customers who need to speak to a technical specialist. What’s more, both customers and prospective customers also call us directly to ask questions. We can get back to them right away with any questions. The same goes for solar panel installation: our employees, customers and the office can all stay in close contact. This is vital to our business! However for us, this used to mean a far higher phone bill."

We have managed to halve our bill thanks to these services and a package which is tailored to our needs. What's more, we have our own dedicated customer contact to speak to.

Tom Martens



The solution

Individual tariffs for each staff member

"I decided to change phone company. So I looked at what suitable tariffs were on the market. With its flexible mobile phone tariffs, Orange seems to be the best fit for our business model and our budget." What's more, there is a range of services included on all cards, including Second Call, rerouting calls to Voice Mail and Conference Call. "Another major advantage is that the Orange network is particularly reliable."

In addition to their basic tariff, they use Mobile Data Sum & Share, allowing groups of Verisol employees to share data allowances (100MB or 1GB) to send emails and access the internet. How does it work? All packages with the same volume are automatically added together and shared between all cards. Those employees who make the most calls also get the National Unlimited service: they get unlimited calls and text messages at a very competitive price and also get a monthly allowance of 1GB of mobile data.


The results

A far better deal, and your own dedicated Customer Contact

"We had only been with Orange for six months and already we could see a huge difference in our mobile phone and broadband bill. We have now halved our bill thanks to their range of services and packages, which suit our needs. What’s more, we always get the same customer contact person to deal with. It’s hard to think how it could be better or easier!"



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