5G makes quality control more efficient at Borealis


Port company Borealis, a producer of polyolefins, fertilisers and other basic chemicals, is experimenting with Orange 5G for the quality control of their products. This global player feels 5G has considerable future potential.

Borealis subjects its products to rigorous quality controls. The production lines are analysed continuously with the assistance of a cloud application. In case of malfunction images and metadata are forwarded automatically for further investigation.

Until recently this analysis was performed using a cable-based fixed network, but thanks to Orange’s port project, Borealis was recently introduced to the possibilities of 5G. The 5G network proved to be just as efficient and secure, but also offered greater flexibility. The much faster analysis process has enabled Borealis to boost efficiency.


5G for the future

Borealis is confident 5G holds great potential for the future. The company is examining the possibility of connecting its production with other applications in the cloud. This means a secure, efficient but wireless connection, without the nuisance or restrictions of installing a new cable network.



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