5G plays a key role in drone transport with Helicus


Artificial intelligence, security and, above all, connectivity: for platform provider Helicus these are the key characteristics in their drone project on medical transport. To realise its ambitions the company is calling on Orange and its 5G expertise.

According to hospitals and medical professionals, the future of care lies in specialisation and collaboration. Every hospital specialises in one or more areas of care and engages in interaction with other hospitals and locations. This evolution is generating a growing demand for the transport of medical supplies. But in the context of today’s mobility issues and clogged roads, the way to respond to this is far from self-evident. The solution according to platform provider Helicus? Drones.

In conjunction with thirty care institutions, Helicus has set up a project for the delivery of medical supplies via drones. For this purpose the company manages an integrated platform. It uses artificial intelligence for route optimisation, enabling them to always calculate the optimum travel plan between hospitals.


Key role for 5G

Security is a crucial component with medical transportation. 5G offers a host of possibilities for secure connections. Connectivity is another key concern in this project. In order to manage drone transport remotely the following characteristics are absolutely essential: a reliable, guaranteed connection with high bandwidth - e.g. for the necessary video connection - and extremely low latency. Unsurprisingly, 5G played a key role in creating an economically and functionally viable model. As an international expert and front runner in 5G, Orange can provide Helicus with the support they need.



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