BASF uses 5G for business-critical communication


At BASF, certain services such as maintenance and intervention crews invariably communicate via walkie-talkies connected over the Tetra network. Since this network will soon be obsolete, BASF is looking for a viable alternative. 5G?

Maintenance, operations and emergency interventions: these are just a few business-critical communications for which BASF uses the so-called Tetra network. Tetra stands for Terrestrial Trunked Radio and is used as standard for radio communications. It’s used by professional organisations such as the police and security services, which is why Tetra was the logical choice at the time BASF first chose it.

The Tetra network will disappear very soon. Chemical giant BASF is now looking for a reliable, full-fledged alternative. They are now experimenting with the possibilities of 5G. 5G enables the company to move across to a one-device policy in which walkie-talkies and smartphones will be one and the same device. In addition, using 5G via these devices makes additional applications such as video streaming or the localisation of individuals possible. A major step forward in operational efficiency!



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