Better decisions thanks to data: four examples


Data analysis involves transforming raw data into insights with the aim of making better decisions based on this information. Discover the added value through four examples from various sectors. 


Analysis of visitors

Crowd monitoring maps the number of visitors at a particular location. This way, the manager of a tourist attraction can get an overview of the busy and quiet times and communicate this to future visitors. 

Retailers and local councils can then use this form of data analysis to find out which surrounding cities or towns their customers and visitors come from, and by what mode of transport they travel. This data is collected from the visitors’ mobile devices, but is of course anonymised first.

Webinar: the importance of data in the post-coronavirus era

We are gradually taking the first steps back to ‘normal’ life. Data will play a major role in reopening public places and organising big events. Discover how to approach this in practice in our webinar.



Analysis for quality control

A concrete example of data analysis in industrial processes can be found at Borealis, a manufacturer of polyethylene and polypropylene at the port of Antwerp. 

With the aid of 5G technology from Orange, the company collects data related to quality control. The production lines are analysed online through a cloud application from Microsoft Azure. In the event of defects, images and metadata are automatically forwarded for further checking. 


Construction sector

Analysis for manufacturing/construction

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an important application in the construction sector. It enables a virtual tour through a building, even before construction starts.
In addition to interactive 3D technology, BIM also contains a great many intelligent applications that allow all kinds of visual simulations and optimum material management.



Analysis of telecoms data

At Orange, too, we are increasingly working with data. For example, we’ve invested in automation and in applications that provide insight into telecoms data. Some practical examples of this are the My Orange app or the telecoms expense management application, for analysing customers’ telecoms and network usage. These applications help us to monitor our customers’ consumption and, for example, proactively offer a more appropriate telecoms formula or bundle. These applications can also be used by our customers, allowing them to work with this information themselves. 


Data will play a major role in the post-coronavirus era. Discover what applications can be used in practice in our free webinar. Sign up now.

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