The Business Experts Team: your best BET


As a company you want optimal assistance in every domain including telecommunications. Orange offers you the chance to work with a unique and specialised team of experts. 

You’re ready to take your business to the next step. Explore your options before you take the plunge. The Orange experts know your business and your needs inside out. They’ll proactively pursue solutions tailored to your company. Prepare to power forward!


Meet the Business Experts Team

The Business Experts Team consists of six telecom experts from different domains. They familiarise themselves with your company and its activities to acquire extensive insight into your business and its needs. You call on their expertise for every issue. They will help you identify the best solutions.

Find out what to expect from your Business Experts Team? We’re happy to give you all the details.


Personal coaching

You benefit from personal coaching from a dedicated team that knows your needs and looks after your interests. They’re by your side during negotiations, at start-up and in the follow-up phases.


Broad support and innovation

Thanks to their complementary competencies and a thorough knowledge of your activities, the members of the Business Experts Team not only help you with the implementation and follow-up of your telecom solutions (SLAs, reports, analyses, billing & fleet management), they also give you proactive advice on new products and services that will simplify or strengthen your activities. 

Plus, the team gives you access to specialised partners in several other domains: Mobile Device Management, Machine-to-Machine, Business Analytics and more …


Frequent screening

Your communication needs depend on your sector, the scale of your company and your professional projects. These needs evolve as your company grows, but are also influenced by changes within the industry and new market developments. 

Once a month, in order to keep meeting all of your needs, your Business Experts Team assesses your satisfaction, listens to your questions and discusses the SLAs with you. In addition, you are invited to a strategic meeting twice a year. At this extensive meeting we take a closer look at the market evolution, the new opportunities for your company and some inspiring best practices. 

Conclusion? With our Business Experts Team you are never alone. Together, we turn your telecoms into added value that supports your activities and drives your company forward.


The Business Experts Team from Orange: another Level of Customer Service.

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