Climate change: the challenge for telecoms


Climate change affects all of us. Not just individuals, but businesses too. The telecoms companies also have an important role to play in reducing carbon emissions. Let’s take a look at what they’re doing...

Smart cities

In the face of a very real environmental crisis, cities have a key role to play. Some of them are making great strides towards becoming “connected cities”. The idea is to use the latest innovations to make our homes and transport systems more energy-efficient. This might sound like a utopian vision, but in fact the cities of the future are already a reality: in Shenzhen, China a digital architecture project is underway for the "C Future-City".
In the US, the city of the future is called Babcock Ranch. From self-sufficient homes to connected driverless electric vehicles and metal trees made with solar panels, sustainability is being built into everything.

Transport reduction

Advances in the field of automation and robotisation are proving to be increasingly valuable when it comes to environmental protection. Just look at the number of agricultural innovations for example. And of course driverless vehicles: a number of studies indicate that they will enhance energy efficiency through optimised driving and more efficient, interconnected traffic flow management.
Of course the aim is not to replace public transport, which remains our best asset in the fight against global warming. 

Can 5G help reduce carbon emissions ?

Everyone knows that data consumption is rising exponentially. 5G could be the answer: by increasing the energy efficiency of networks it can reduce carbon emissions.
On January 23, the Renewable Energy for 5G Europe Conference was held in Brussels. Europe's aim is to become the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050. The conference therefore discussed 5G’s potential involvement in renewable energy.

What's happening at Orange

Orange Belgium has been constantly coming up with environmental initiatives for a number of years now.
As of 2016, our buildings, our network and all of our stores have been carbon neutral.
We have been promoting the use of electric cars and bicycles for all of our staff, as well as carpooling (they have access to hybrid vehicles for business travel).
And thanks to homeworking, our staff are also able to reduce their environmental impact by leaving their cars at home.

At Orange, we truly believe that every single action counts. And we can all make a difference to climate change.

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