Everyone wins with smart parking by Orange


Parking is a source of stress for motorists, municipal authorities, private parking companies, shop owners and employers. Orange’s IoT application Smart parking puts an end to this stress.

Parking causes stress

One in three motorists in the city is looking for parking, leading to traffic congestion and therefore increased security risks, higher levels of CO2 and particulate emissions and other environmental damage. Parking stress is also detrimental to shops, bars and restaurants. It makes them less attractive, affects turnover and leads to vacancies in the long run. As for employers, they may find their staff are dissatisfied and less productive if they have to spend too much time searching for parking spaces.

Municipal authorities elaborate their own parking policies to try to bring order to chaos, but monitoring and enforcing such policies requires a lot of manpower. However, as municipal authorities have little insight into parking behaviour, they lack the necessary data to adjust their policies where needed. This also applies to private parking companies. 


Internet of Things to the rescue

With smart parking, Orange offers a way out of this impasse. It’s an excellent example of the practical added value the Internet of Things (IoT) can bring. Sensors and smart cameras detect which parking spaces are available. Our network forwards and processes this information and makes it available to users. 

An app on their smartphone tells motorists the exact location of available parking spaces and how to get to them. The app monitors parking duration and warns the user when their time is up. Parking spaces can also be reserved for a specific target group such as people with disabilities, members of management or drivers of electric vehicles. Motorists can even reserve a parking space in advance. 

Parking managers analyse the data via a dashboard that groups a wealth of information on parking duration, occupancy rate, overstaying, etc. Parking attendants can see real-time status on their dashboard, enabling them to identify parking offenders.


Everyone wins with smart parking by Orange

With smart parking, everyone benefits. Motorists have no trouble finding parking, they arrive at their destination stress-free and avoid fines. Parking managers find it easier to implement parking policy and collect data enabling them to adjust their policies if necessary. Shops, hotels, restaurants, cafés and employers see happy and stress-free customers and more productive staff, as well as a rise in turnover. There is less traffic congestion, which benefits safety, air quality and the environment.


Would you like to fundamentally improve your parking management? Get a maximum return from your car park.

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