The first steps to 5G for SMEs


Can’t wait to take the step to 5G and finally discover the many advantages of this new network? Or do you prefer to wait a while for 5G and get maximum performance from 4G in the meantime? Either way, Orange Belgium is the partner for you.

5G, the long-awaited fifth-generation mobile network, is progressively becoming a reality. In July 2022, the auction of the available 5G spectrum was concluded, and now the operational rollout of this future-oriented wireless network infrastructure can truly begin.


Innovation alongside continuity

As a 5G pioneer, Orange is leading in the auction of the new 5G frequency bands and in the rollout itself. At the end of 2019 we were the first provider in Belgium to launch a 5G standalone network for some industrial partners in the port of Antwerp.

During the public auction in July 2022, we acquired the maximum for new 5G core frequencies: 20 MHz in the 700 MHz band and 100 MHz in the 3.6 GHz band. Thanks to this additional spectrum, we can offer both high-quality coverage and high capacity, including for future 5G services. At the same time, we are guaranteeing the continuity of our 4G technology, which today covers nearly the entire Belgian population.


Network optimisation

Both 4G and 5G offer unequalled possibilities in terms of voice quality, data performance, CO2 emission reduction, IoT and network coverage. We are thus using the new spectrum distribution to optimise our network as a whole and to maximise its evolution to 4G and 5G. These technologies are not only more secure, more resilient and more energy-efficient, they are also operational in most European countries.


Getting started with 5G


Network availability

Orange Belgium is progressively activating the 5G network at several locations in Belgium. On our interactive map you can see which areas already enjoy 5G coverage.


The right devices

If, as an Orange Belgium business customer, you have a 4G tariff plan, you can already discover 5G at no extra cost. However, you will need the right device, because using the 5G network is only possible with a suitable phone.

A list of 5G-compatible phones on our website lets you check whether your current phone and those of your employees are 5G-ready. If they aren’t, it would make sense to invest in the right devices now.

In your Customer Zone you will find a selection of smartphones that will get your employees set for the future, including the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S22 and the iPhone 12 and 13. Keep an eye on your Customer Zone for interesting offers too.


The power of co-creation

For us, the value of innovation is less in the technology itself than in what you can do with it. The new network can make companies not only more efficient and secure, but more sustainable as well.

Innovative SMEs and start-ups find inspiration in our 5G labs in Antwerp and Liège, where they can get to know the 5G network and its many applications and experiment with their own products and services. Within the Orange Group we also actively exchange knowledge and experience and support companies in their search for suitable applications. We identify the genuine added value of 5G together.



Getting started with 5G? Visit your Customer Zone and discover our 5G smartphones.

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