How do you make teleworking cyber-secure?


By allowing employees to work from home, many companies are able to remain operational in these corona times. But how do you set up working from home in a secure manner, so that you stay a step ahead of the increasing number of cyberattacks?

Most companies are well-secured against cyberattacks. When your employees work from home, you need to overcome a number security challenges.

With the following tips from Orange, you can let your employees work from home securely:

1. Make your employees aware

Advise your employees to consult just a few well-known news sources on the coronavirus. From research performed by the security company Check Point, it appears that 8 % of websites publishing information on corona have an alternative agenda. They install computer viruses and ransomware, leading to identity theft and financial headaches.

Send your employees our article '9 tips to protect yourself against (mobile) phishing', to teach them not to give malicious emails or messages a chance.


2. Secure devices

Make sure that the operating systems and software installed on computers and smartphones is always up to date. Invest in anti-virus technology and install a firewall on all devices to check all network connections. Read more about business continuity.


3. Secure the network connection

With a VPN connection, you prevent any sensitive company information being leaked or stolen via an inadequately secured Wi-Fi network. Solutions such as Corporate Internet from Orange provide the necessary security gateways and the monitoring of your network. Network Access Control (NAC) solutions provided by Orange give you further control over the devices that have access to your VPN and corporate assets.

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