Hybrid working: what do you need?


Everyone knows employees like teleworking. However, only a small group wants to do this full time. The vast majority opt for a combination of home and office. We are evolving toward a hybrid way of working, is your business ready for it? 

Need to concentrate on a report? This is best done at home. Brainstorming with colleagues? Preferably at the office. Provide support to customers? This has to be done on site. It is becoming increasingly clear that different tasks are best performed at different workplaces. After all, hybrid working makes for greater productivity and greater efficiency.



This new way of working poses many challenges for companies. How do you ensure your employees are able to work efficiently everywhere? How do you prevent remote islands from forming? And how can colleagues continue to collaborate if they are not in the office? In theory, hybrid working seems ideal, but the practical side should not be overlooked.


Orange webinars

In a series of webinars, Orange experts explain how to introduce hybrid working into your company. They offer solutions and tools that help you turn your workforce into Connected Employees.

The webinars investigate how telephony in the cloud simplifies collaborations and how you can keep an overview of your corporate mobile devices, among other things. Regardless of whether your employees are working in the office or at home. We also look at the hardware and mobile data needs. 


Do you too want to prepare your company for hybrid working? Check out our webinars.

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