Optimum coverage despite stricter insulation standards


The new and stricter insulation standards that come into effect on 1 January 2018 will make it harder for a mobile signal to penetrate the walls of new buildings. Orange has developed solutions to nonetheless guarantee optimum indoor coverage.

As of 2018, Level S replaced Level K as the insulation value for new-builds in Flanders. Moreover, standards are becoming more stringent: each new-build has to be Level S-31 compliant for planning permission applications from 1st January 2018 and level S-28 as of 1st January 2021. What effect do these increasingly stringent standards have on insulation?
Essentially, greater insulation means thicker walls and therefore lower mobile signal penetration. It is therefore common for people working in well-insulated buildings or living in homes with thicker walls to experience problems making and receiving phone calls and surfing the web via the mobile network.

Thankfully Orange has come up with a number of solutions to improve coverage in well-insulated buildings (discover the Mirwart story), depending on coverage, requisite bandwidth and building size.

Business solutions : the Network Extender

The Network Extender is a standard solution which connects you to the building's internet connection. This uses a FemtoCell (a cell phone mast the size of a small box) which will give 3G and 4G coverage within a 15m radius of the FemtoCell, providing that there are no metal or concrete obstacles to the signal.
For larger areas or buildings with several floors, Orange will make a site assessment and choose the best solution for your building, e.g. several FemtoCells, several antennae, a base transmission station, repeater, etc.
Whatever the solution, you will get vastly improved coverage, even in buildings of over 2000 m².
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Domestic solutions : Mesh WiFi and VoWIFI

Poor indoor mobile signal? Did you know that you can stay connected and make phone calls via WiFi? Our VoWIFI (voice over WiFi) solution is simple and free of charge and is available for all customers with a 4G-compatible smartphone. You just need to enable WiFi calls in your mobile phone settings.
Find out more about the benefits of our VoWIFI solution.

WiFi signal too weak? With Mesh WiFi we can cover larger areas; your WiFi signal remains stable and we thus enable the whole family to stay connected wherever they are in the house, with no disruption to connectivity.
Find out more about the benefits of our Mesh WiFi solution.


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