Mirwart: connecting technology and nature


The Province of Luxembourg is relying on its partnership with Orange to provide a reliable mobile signal so a reception hall in the middle of nature meets all security standards.

The place agreed upon for my meeting with the managers from the Province of Luxembourg is an unusual one to say the least: the Provincial Estate of Mirwart, a natural jewel nestled in the heart of our beautiful Ardennes Forest. Consulting my smartphone, I immediately see that I’m at the right address: the first network shown is Orange’s. Signal quality: excellent.

I am warmly greeted by Jean-Pierre Georgin, manager of the estate, and Sébastien François, purchasing responsible for the Province of Luxembourg.

Their objective? To introduce me to the Parfond´Ry, a hunting lodge that was recently renovated and transformed into a reception hall for weddings, seminars and other events. ‘For our project to obtain the necessary approval, the lodge absolutely had to have mobile connections for calling emergency services in the event of a problem. These mobile connections required the installation of an antenna. These costs not having been budgeted, we found ourselves at an impasse. Orange spontaneously proposed installing an antenna on the building,’ explains Jean-Pierre Georgin.

Orange was the only operator able to meet our specifications.


This wasn´t the Province of Luxembourg´s first project with Orange: ‘After the liberalisation of telecoms in the early 2000s, we contacted several operators, but apparently, Orange was the only one able to meet our needs,’ notes Sébastien François.    

The project requirements didn´t make things any easier: connecting 75 buildings spread across an immense territory, more than 800 civil servants, a wide variety of industries (tourism, forest management, agriculture, economy, management of the waterways and greenways, education, health, rest homes, etc.), rugged terrain. And that´s not all, because the authorities also asked that ‘satellite’ associations such as the non-profits, the foundations, the housing and social credit companies, etc. would be able to be integrated into the contract of the Province under the same conditions. ‘The other operators couldn´t meet our specific needs. We’d have had to graft ourselves onto a regional contract that didn´t reflect our specific needs,’ adds Sébastien François.

We receive precise reports that enable us to work in complete transparency.


We set off in a Jeep to the hunting lodge. The site is magical: the lodge is surrounded by centuries-old trees and the only neighbours are the local wildlife. The antenna installed by Orange is discreet to the point of being almost invisible. ‘Orange didn´t hesitate for a second and spontaneously proposed this solution to us. And it isn´t the first time,’ explains Jean-Pierre Georgin, not without a certain pride, while giving me a tour of the new installations and pointing out the monumental fireplace in the reception hall. ‘Orange pays attention to our needs and always answers the call, whether it´s to amplify the signal at the home of an executive who has to be reachable 24/7, or for installing additional antennas,’ says Sébastien François. ‘We regularly receive precise reports on the network’s condition, on the follow-up of any requests we have made, and last but not least, presentations on new technologies. Result: we work in complete transparency and confidence. With Orange, “service” isn´t an empty word!’ 


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