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Orange is one of the driving forces behind several 'Internet or Things' innovations, both in- and outside Belgium. Together with our partners, iMinds and Rombit, we're launching a unique drone project in the port of Antwerp.

The new 'Internet or Things' applications (IoT), which will soon be implemented and tested within this framework now that drone legislation is finalised, will significantly optimise the daily operations of the port. The port of Antwerp will become a real 'Port of Things'.

The project will provide concrete IoT applications that make the port of Antwerp safer and more productive. This among other things involves drones which will carry out all kinds of measurements and scans. Case studies in the field of camera surveillance and infrastructure inspections will be developed. Drones can detect violations of environmental legislation quickly and accurately, measure the water and air quality at all times and immediately report unexpected obstacles on waterways to headquarters.

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