Quickly and safely online at your office and construction site


It’s important to have a safe, reliable and efficient internet connection everywhere for your construction projects. This is why Orange offers a convergent solution that you can quickly install and easily manage at all your locations.

As a construction company, you work at a range of locations, each with different requirements for internet connectivity. Not only do you need a reliable connection in your offices, but if you start work at a new site, you need fast access to the internet there, too.

“Orange looks at which solution is most suitable for each location,” says Yves Franquet, Product Marketing Manager at Orange. “Cable is a good choice for high speeds at the office, while 4G(+) is ideal for a temporary site.” Orange's convergent connectivity range allows you to deploy a tailored solution for each location: VDSL, fibre with speeds of up to 10Gbps, 4G(+) and cable.

“A complementary solution is SD-WAN, or software-defined wide-area network,” Franquet continues. “That unifies your network in different locations, regardless of the technology used to connect them to the internet. With the technical expertise of Orange-BKM engineers, you can be sure of a good solution.”

SD-WAN quickly and efficiently meets the growing needs of businesses in the construction sector. It is more flexible than traditional network architecture and provides the following benefits:


Simple management

SD-WAN simplifies the management of your network at different locations. Franquet: “You can see the status of all your locations in one dashboard: whether the internet connection is working, which devices are locally connected, whether the network is saturated and much more.” As a result, you can manage temporary sites just as easily as your offices.


Secure access

With SD-WAN, you can give all your subcontractors, suppliers and other parties secure access to the network on your site, the data in the cloud and the internet. “You simply define who gets what specific limited access to what data and for what period,” Franquet explains. The peace of mind this gives you in sometimes complex situations is invaluable.


Virtual office

Thanks to SD-WAN, it doesn’t matter whether an architect is in the office or on the construction site. “They can access the same building plans, business applications, cloud services and video meeting apps from any location. SD-WAN unites all your company's locations in a single virtual office,” Franquet concludes.


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