Smartwatch. The finger on the pulse of your business


The smart wristwatch is no longer an expensive gadget. It’s an assistant that’s taken seriously by a growing number of business professionals. Orange introduces you to the benefits.

The added value starts with the time. A smartwatch automatically tells the right time, anywhere in the world. One less concern when you’re on a business trip


Never miss an important call or email again

The smartwatch synchronises with your calendar, including the notifications, so you’re informed of all your appointments and any special occasions. During a meeting or appointment, your smartwatch keeps you discretely informed of incoming calls, emails and other messages, so you can take any necessary actions. Worrying about missingimportant messages is a thing of the past thanks to the smartwatch.

The smartwatch is also a kind of voice recorder. A brilliant idea pops into your head while you’re driving or you don’t have a pen handy? Record it and the smartwatch will save it for you. 


Good for your health

And finally, the smartwatch also monitors your physical condition. It counts your steps, registers your heart rate, encourages you to exercise more, safeguards your sleep quality and presents the collected data in useful diagrams and charts.



Instead of an expensive gadget a smartwatch is a business assistant that offers genuine added value, making it worth every penny. There’s one thing to watch out for though: most smartwatches lack their own internet connectionsand only work when linked with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Double-check that the smartwatch of your choice communicates with your smartphone.


Select your smartwatch. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

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