Tracking your goods is child’s play with smart tracking.


Have you always wanted to know the whereabouts of your resources (trailers, containers, forklift trucks, etc.)? That’s easy with GPS tracking. Discover the benefits of smart tracking, Orange's new end-to-end IoT solution for you and your company.

It’s time for you to gain the edge over your competition. And work more efficiently, with greater control over your company resources and the traffic of your freight. But how do you do this control while juggling an agenda that’s already full?


Are you in control?

Is your company currently losing income because resources are disappearing, business assets being used inefficiently or because you’re unable to fulfil the service levels your transport partners are promising? Prevent these problems with smart tracking.  


Get your assets under your control again

These days, companies want more and more control over their assets. A lot of them are looking for the most effective tracking solutions. A wise decision!

Smart tracking enables you to keep track of your resources using a GPS tracking system. Attach a small GPS device to any object you wish to track and you’ll immediately receive information on its use and its planned and unplanned movements.


The benefits of smart tracking

Track and trace solutions are the perfect tools for optimising your asset management. 

Which of the smart tracking benefits appeal to you?

  • You manage an infinite number of company assets using your own secure digital platform.
  • You easily track assets that tend to disappear.
  • You receive information via geofencing, keeping you updated about goods that are being transported in and out of a particular area.
  • You track your assets in real time as they make their way to their destinations.
  • You accurately check the service levels you agreed upon with your logistic partners.
  • You receive up-to-date information on all your business assets, even rentals.
  • You reduce your costs and increase your profitability.


Stay ahead of your competitors 

Nowadays, smartphones and tablets use the Internet constantly. In the near future, every asset will require connectivity. Specialists expect up to 150 billion objects to be connected via Bluetooth, 4G, Wi-Fi and GPS tracking by 2025.

Are your resources included? Or just your competitors’?


Get started with smart tracking

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