Unlock the gate to 5G with Shape


With 5G super fast mobile internet is becoming the new standard. This new network is currently being rolled out nationwide and 5G devices are now readily available on the market. With the right rate plan you can join that digital revolution.

Here at Orange Belgium, we believe in the power of 5G. We recently became the first Belgian operator to receive the 5G Download Speed award from Opensignal and we aim to roll out the new network nationwide as quickly as possible. Currently, four in 10 people in Belgium have access to 5G; by 2025 this should be nine in 10.


What are the benefits of 5G for your business?


Higher speed

  • The average download speed is 215 Mbps. At 200 Mbps, you can download a film in full HD in a few minutes.
  • Share large files much more quickly with your employees or customers.
  • Enjoy smooth, effortless video conferences

Faster response time

  • Latency is considerably reduced. The delay between an action and its reaction is divided by 10.
  • Easily start using new technologies like virtual and augmented reality.

More connections

  • Connect multiple users and devices at the same time.


Fast, high-quality connection

The key assets of 5G are its speed and quality. Now that remote working and video communication are firmly established in most industries, a high-performance network connection is no longer a luxury.

With an average download speed of 215 Mbps, our 5G network guarantees our customers that their online meetings, video applications and other digital processes can take place in ideal conditions.


Unlimited surfing

To be able to capitalise on all the benefits of 5G, it’s best to choose a rate plan with a generous data bundle. 5G access is included as standard in all of our Shape formulas for businesses and professionals like you. In addition, the mobile data bundles in several Shape formulas have recently been considerably expanded.

That’s true for Shape Intense and Shape Traveller. Both formulas included a monthly data bundle of 60 GB, to be used in Belgium and the EU. This has been expanded to 300 GB for use in Belgium and 65 GB for use in the rest of the EU. Thanks to this adjustment, you and your staff now benefit from unlimited surfing at top speed.


Ideal match with 5G

A larger data bundle comes with a host of benefits. You and your colleagues can surf anywhere, regardless of your location. The super-fast network also allows you to easily stay in touch with customers and colleagues via video.

Moreover, a generous data bundle makes it easier to deploy innovative solutions such as AI and VR. All you need is a smartphone that’s compatible with the 5G network. Most phones that come onto the market today already are. So 5G is ushering your business into the future.


Curious to find out what 5G can do for your business? Discover the full range of possibilities!

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