Virtual calls: 4 major benefits of Cloud Telephony


80% of all business communication takes place by phone. How can you combine this with employees who are increasingly opting for homeworking or teleworking? Enter Cloud Telephony. Discover the 4 major benefits of our virtual switchboard.

For many companies and their staff, homeworking and teleworking has become an everyday reality. However, these new work arrangements are putting fixed telephone systems under pressure because they often lack flexibility. Our Cloud Telephony virtual switchboard solves this problem. What are the benefits of this communication solution?


1. A bespoke switchboard without technical hassles

Cloud Telephony is a virtual switchboard. This means you don’t have to worry about maintenance and updates – we take care of all that.
At the same time, configuring the switchboard yourself is surprisingly simple. A central portal page lets you add users, create calendars and set daily schedules, manage a central phone book, follow up on voicemails, adjust language settings... 

In other words, Cloud Telephony by Orange is a bespoke solution for SMEs and their employees. Moreover, thanks to the combination with Shape & Fix by Orange, you receive a single invoice and have just one contact for all your telecoms products.


2. The same phone number on all your devices

Working methods are becoming ever more flexible. 57% of Belgian companies have employees who occasionally work from home and an average of 80% of employees no longer have their own desk. Nevertheless, customers still expect to be able to reach you at the familiar number. 
With Cloud Telephony, your employees can simply connect their home phone, PC or smartphone to your virtual switchboard. This way they are always available on the same phone number.


3. Optimum availability 

Did you know that 85% of people don’t bother to call back if you don’t pick up? Customers expect an immediate reaction. As a result, missed calls have a negative impact on your company’s turnover. Thanks to the flexibility of Cloud Telephony, your employees need never miss another call. Calls on their landline are forwarded to the right extension, PC or smartphone. Your customer always gets to talk to someone, regardless of the location of your employees.


4. Efficient collaboration, even at a distance 

Cloud Telephony offers many more options than a traditional switchboard. A quick business chat? Consulting on the go via smartphone? Conducting conference calls with a professional tool? Switching devices in the middle of a call? Cloud Telephony does it all, and at no extra charge. 


Does Cloud Telephony sound like the perfect solution for your business? Learn all about our virtual switchboard on our website.

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