What if a staff member needs a new smartphone?


Normally, for a new business phone or to trade in a voucher, you would just need to visit our Orange shops. With all our stores closed, we have made an online equivalent for these services. You and your staff members can now sort everything out without leaving home.

1. A staff member needs a new smartphone

Log in to the Customer Zone. Follow the path and you’ll find a wide selection of smartphones to choose from. Plus, you’ll benefit from special conditions. Your order is sent free to your chosen address in Belgium.

2. You want to use a voucher to buy a smartphone

First choose a device from the selection on our website. Take a clear photo of your voucher and email it, together with the details of your chosen device, to our customer support service. And remember to tell us your delivery address!

3. A voucher has expired or is about to expire ...

Our customer support service will send you a new voucher. Take a clear photo of the voucher that is about to expire and email it to our support team. Let them know you would like to receive new vouchers. We will send them to your chosen address in Belgium for free.

Do you have any further questions about our services? Contact our customer support service.

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