Working in the office or remotely: can your communication keep up?


From emergency solution to long-term vision: hybrid working is the new normal in business. The focus is flexibility, but can your communication keep up? Or are you starting to feel the limits of your current telecom solution?

Companies are facing all kinds of challenges in the transition from the traditional office to hybrid working. There are new HR obligations, and IT security solutions are being put to the test more than ever. Another problem companies are facing in this evolution is the lack of flexibility in existing Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions. Companies need extra functions and are searching for communication methods that evolve with the company and the new way of working.


Communicating in the cloud?

And what if we were to communicate via the cloud? After all, most companies are already taking steps towards the cloud. Since 2020, an estimated 50 % of all company data is being stored in the cloud and 92 % of all companies are using at least one cloud application. Yet there are still some doubts when it comes to communication.


Clearing the doubts

Cloud communication offers many advantages. The major benefit is that online UC&C solutions are accessible from everywhere. Employees can communicate in the same way, whether they are working from home, on site or in the office. 

Also, cloud communication offers the flexibility they need. Whether an organisation is expanding, whether it’s switching entirely to the cloud or only partially with the integration of an existing switchboard… A cloud solution adapts to the company, not the other way around. 

When it comes to cost, communication in the cloud offers advantages compared to a standard centralised system. Companies pay per employee for the services used, which means a smaller investment.


What do entrepreneurs think of this way of working? We talked to an expert and asked our specialist for advice. Read more.

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