deSingel: “Excellent coverage”


Orange offers excellent rates and has invested in good signal coverage, while respecting the architecture of our building.

Pierre Van Diest



deSingel is one of the most prominent cultural centres in Belgium. Moreover, it is frequently a workplace for members of diverse artistic organisations. They need to be contactable when they’re there. "Orange provides excellent coverage and excellent service," says business manager Pierre Van Diest.


The challenge

Autonomous organisations with the same telecom infrastructure

"Among other things, our buildings are home to the Royal Conservatorium, a music and dance company, the Flemish Architectural Institute and a restaurant," explains Pierre Van Diest. "As these artistic organisations all use the same telecom infrastructure, we had to look for a cost-efficient operator who could provide separate invoices for each of the different organisations."


The solution

Excellent service and free communication, for both fixed-line and mobile

Orange stood out as the only provider that would directly invoice the various subsidiary organisations. "It made a great difference for us," says Pierre Van Diest. "As the central organisation, we prefer not to be kept busy sending telecom invoices through to our subsidiaries."

The communication itself is also efficient. "Orange delivers better rates. In fact, the communication is often free," says the business manager. "Within my organisation, there are fifty people whose SIM cards allow them to call each other for free, on fixed and mobile phones," says Pierre Van Diest. "It’s vital, because people are often away from their desks, possibly inside the building or on the road.’

Mobile internet use is also included. Every employee at deSingel has a smartphone with which they can book rooms and arrange meetings via an application on

Plus, Orange also provides optimal reception and coverage on the site of deSingel itself. Pierre Van Diest: "The front of our building is graced with enormous letters that spell out ‘deSingel’. Orange has installed antennas in the letters ‘d’ and ‘l’. They’ve invested in good signal coverage while respecting the architecture of our building." Besides the mobile telephony, Orange also provides deSingel with their fixed telephony needs.


The result

Working more efficiently and an optimal coverage thanks to Orange

"Orange doesn’t just offer attractive rates. The company has made the effort to provide excellent coverage. Plus, they are very customer-friendly with their invoicing. We were so impressed that they didn’t bat an eye when we asked about having invoices sent straight to our different subsidiaries. They just smiled and agreed to do it without any fuss at all," says Pierre Van Diest. "We are extremely happy with their services. Rest assured, we work more efficiently thanks to Orange."

Orange commits to a simple principle. Staff members need to be able to call, consult their email and have access to the internet and their apps everywhere and at all times. Connectivity is actually the foundation for further establishing Enterprise Mobility in companies. Mobile devices, management platforms and apps: they are all supported by high-quality coverage.


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