Every second counts for CFE


For CFE's many sites, wasted time means wasted money. Thanks to Orange's responsiveness and 99.9 % connectivity rate, CFE teams can work at maximum capacity. In every moment.

I met up with Philippe De Meulenaere, CFE's Fleet Manager on a rainy Monday. However, at their splendid offices in Auderghem, just a stone’s throw from the Sonian Forest, things feel far from gloomy. Light wells filled with cascading green plants and abundant fruit baskets exude an air of calm and focus.

CFE is a stock-market-listed Belgian company and part of the Ackermans & van Haaren group. ‘Do you have to follow group policy when it comes to choosing your telecoms provider?’ I ask cautiously. ‘On the contrary,’ beams De Meulenaere. ‘It is a holding company and as such, only has a few dozen employees. Our policy actually informs the group policy, so it benefits from our market power.’ CFE employs 8,000 people globally (3,000 of whom work in Belgium) and has three main arms: Dredging Environmental & Marine Engineering, Contracting, and Real Estate Development (including real-estate sales).

‘Reporting enables us to control coverage quality.’

CFE is therefore the domain of engineers, who leave nothing to chance. The keywords here are precision and efficiency. ‘In a single operation, we developed a subsea cable-laying machine and carried out in three days what previously would have been three weeks’ work, in extremely challenging conditions,’ explains De Meulenaere proudly. ‘On our sites, every second counts. Wasted time means wasted money, which affects our bottom line. We need a partner capable of rapidly carrying out a network survey and installing new lines pronto,’ he adds.

This is exactly the kind of partnership CFE found with Orange: ‘We are a loyal Orange customer; we have been with them since the Mobistar days. I only have positive things to say about Orange's responsive and proactive approach,’ explains De Meulenaere. ‘We particularly appreciate the quality of service we get from our Business Experts Team, which responds in real time. Orange also sends us a quarterly report so we can keep track of our consumption. Our last report showed that we had a 99.9 % call success rate!’

‘Orange is both responsive and proactive.’

‘Orange effortlessly fulfils that holy trinity of cost, quality and speed,’ concludes De Meulenaere. ‘This is a great achievement considering the extreme difficulty of simultaneously fulfilling these criteria. Generally, businesses have to sacrifice one of them. Our key priority is cost. On this front, Orange is unbeatable. But great prices are worth nothing if you can’t also guarantee quality and speed of service. Orange’s service is absolutely impeccable!’

For CFE, telephone and data services are like the oil in the machine. Every second counts, because wasted time equals wasted money.


If every second counts for your business too, you can rely on the responsiveness of our Business Experts Team.

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