How digitalisation makes all the difference 


For many businesses, digitalisation can feel like a leap into the unknown – but consciously choosing this path brings a host of benefits. ACEG took the plunge. Discover their story!

Today, many SMEs are fully committed to a digital transformation, as entrepreneurs start to realise the growth opportunities that digitalisation can create. There are also those businesses that commit to digitalisation from the start. Why do they do it and are they still reaping the benefits years later? We talked to accredited inspection body ACEG, a prime example of a Belgian digital-first adopter.

ACEG: Lightening the customer’s load

From the outset, the founders of ACEG wanted to make the inspection process as easy as possible for their customers. They managed to do this very quickly with their Digital Inspection Platform, which has brought a breath of fresh air to the industry.


Digitalisation in SMEs: Our expert takes the floor

ACEG is an early adopter, but today more and more Belgian companies are working on their digital maturity. This is what our expert, B2B Marketing Director Lieven Vaes, tells us. “The central question we hear from customers is: what is the best way to capitalise on the possibilities of modern technology to enable more effective operational management?”

Events of recent years have played a key role in the digital evolution that is taking the business world by storm. The pandemic has forced companies to reinvent themselves and seek solutions that enable their employees to adopt a hybrid working method in a safe and efficient manner.


What about you? How digitally mature is your business? Take our self-scan and find out!.

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