To Roxi Business Software, customer service makes all the difference


As an SME with about 20 staff, Roxi Business Software is very flexible, and the manager expects the same from his telecom operator. “My Orange contact knows me, so I don’t always have to explain things from scratch. It makes a world of difference.”

Roxi Business Software is a rapidly growing start-up. The company was founded in early 2020 and now has 18 permanent employees. “We specialise in software for self-employed individuals and small businesses. We offer administrative support with quotes, invoices, payments and reminders,” says manager Olivier Delannoy, who runs the organisation’s sales, finance, HR and telecoms departments.


Everything with one operator

Orange Shape & Fix offers the full package: landline, mobile subscriptions, internet and television. Such a comprehensive pack ensures that your employees are connected in a cost-effective way, anywhere, anytime. You can also adapt the pack to your company’s needs whenever you need to. “Everything is handled by the same operator, which is easy and convenient,” Delannoy adds. Roxi Business Software has systematically expanded its Orange services in recent months. The number of mobile subscriptions, for example, has increased. “If you have confidence in your supplier, it is easy to sign up for more services," Delannoy explains. “Perhaps you could get a slightly cheaper offer from another telecom provider, but those are often temporary and tend to compromise the service you enjoy as a customer.”


Service makes all the difference

Olivier Delannoy knows from experience that products from different telecom providers are very similar. “It is the service that makes all the difference,” he says. “I have a dedicated contact at Orange. That’s very convenient when I need something. It means I don’t have to explain everything from scratch on the phone. If my contact is not available, my question or request is forwarded to a colleague who is also familiar with my situation and business. This seems obvious, but it is not. As a manager, you often get lost in operators’ customer service departments, but that’s not the case with Orange.”


Dedicated advisors right from the start

Delannoy’s small but fast-growing company gets the same service as larger clients. “I had a permanent customer advisor at my disposal right from the start. Now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Business growth brings changes: people join the company and some numbers are dropped. As a customer, you want such matters to be resolved quickly. I expect the same standard of service I give to my own customers from my provider. The Orange service is always top-notch. They are a pleasure to work with.”


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