Vandemoortele: work everywhere as in the office


No matter where they are, our staff members can now work as if they’re in the office.

Werner Godaert


Vandemoortele has 1,200 Belgian staff members in six locations, dotted around the country. And thanks to these motivated staff members, Vandemoortele is able to bring countless high-quality products to the market. Everyone who works for the company has their own particular task and of course, a particular telecommunications profile. And the company realises this. Dennis De Baar, IT director says, "It’s not easy to offer every staff member more freedom, more flexibility and more transparency." Werner Godaert, the Infrastructure Manager: "That is exactly why we chose to go with Shape from Orange."


The challenge

More freedom, more flexibility and more transparency for every staff member

How do you change the telecommunications policy of a large, high-performance company that has worked in the same way for years? Dennis De Baar: "It appeared to us to be time to present our staff members with a different way to call, email and have mobile internet access. Plus, young new staff members have certain expectations when it comes to telecom." 


The main focus points in a nutshell

Previously, Vandemoortele was linked to one single type of smartphone; the telecommunications possibilities were very limited. "Plus," adds Werner Godaert, "the division between professional and private use was not very clear." A complex challenge to which Orange offers a simple solution: Shape.


The solution

To each their own telecom profile

Dennis De Baar: "With Shape, we immediately noticed the six different formulas: Light, Basic, Plus, Ultimate, International and Traveller.’ Werner Godaert: "Not that we use every formula within the company, but with the selection we did make, every staff member can now call, email and has mobile internet access as needed."


Who gets which formula?

The staff members from the production line now have Shape Light. Ideal for calling or emailing every now and then. Dennis De Baar: ‘Our sales managers have either Shape Ultimate or International, depending on whether they find themselves working outside Belgium or not. Now they can update the CRM system and work like they’re at the office, no matter where they actually are."


The result

New possibilities with the fleet

What has Shape changed at Vandemoortele? Werner Godaert: "First and foremost: our staff members benefit from more freedom and flexibility. They can choose their own devices and work efficiently, anywhere and everywhere."


Clear, transparent invoicing

Dennis De Baar: "Everything is now a lot more transparent when it comes to use and invoicing."


The future is looking good

Even more imporantly, Vandemoortele can now investigate new options. Dennis De Baar: "We are considering new functionalities and even our own app with which we can have optimal access to all the different technologies and systems on our various sites." The future is looking good thanks to Shape from Orange.

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