Shape & Fix makes life easier for businesses


Your entire telephony and internet together in one convenient package? Shape & Fix makes it possible. Combine flexibility with comfort in an all-in-one formula. Below we’ve listed the most important benefits.

Shape & Fix is an all-encompassing telephony and internet solution for your business. Within a single convergent plan we combine the flexibility of the Shape mobile rate plan with the comfort of a Fix formula for fixed telephony and broadband internet. This means you have a single contract for both mobile and fixed telephony and internet, with a single monthly invoice for all your telecoms costs and a single contact number in case of technical issues.

Beneficial options and plans

When selecting a telecoms package, the cost is obviously also a factor. What benefits does Shape & Fix have to offer?

  • Attractive price
    As Shape & Fix combines several services in a single package, you benefit from the lowest rates. Fixed telephony is very inexpensive, for both national and international calls, and during peak and off-peak hours. Moreover, compared to the other Shape rate plans you get twice the mobile data volume.

  • Flexible solutions tailored to your business
    Not all your employees need the same call and data bundle. With Shape & Fix you give each of them a personalised mobile plan that can be adjusted on a monthly basis. Your fixed telephony plan can also easily be adapted to your infrastructure or the needs of your business. This keeps you from paying unnecessary telecom costs.

  • Budget under control
    Shape & Fix also gives you access to the free Invoice Split service. With Invoice Split, you agree in advance with each employee what telecom costs you will meet. If the amount on the invoice is higher, the surplus is automatically charged to your employee.

Reliable internet connections

Shape & Fix customers at Orange can opt for a broadband internet connection via cable or VDSL. For businesses that need a fixed IP address, a connection via VDSL is the better option. This makes it easy for you to use your own mail server, web server or a different server application that can always be reached at the same IP address. It also enables you to set up a VPN connection with your company network from outside. Is the fixed connection unavailable due to a technical malfunction? You can keep working without interruption thanks to the automatic 4G backup.

Companies that don’t need a fixed IP address and comprehensive server applications can opt for internet via cable. The advantage here is that you can easily set up a TV connection for your business as well. 4G backup is also standard with internet via cable.

Installation and support

From request to start-up: on average it takes 20 working days to set up your Shape & Fix. The installation of your fixed connection is carried out by a professional technician, and you subsequently continue to have access to the expertise of our specialists. Orange customers can call on the support of our professionals every working day between 8.00h and 19.00h and even at the weekend. Any necessary repairs are scheduled the following working day.

Interested in our all-in-one formula for your company? Make a simulation and discover which Shape & Fix suits you!

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