Deba Systems: the need for a powerful internet connection


As a user I am extremely strict. It has to work. And with Orange it does.

Pascale Vanden Eede


Deba Systems, the company set up by Christian Devos and Pascale Vanden Eede, has been operating in the metal industry for 30 years already. The company is mainly focused on the anonymous subcontracting of metal structures and precision laser work. Pascale is involved in telecom solutions: “As a user I am extremely strict. It has to work. And with Orange it does.”


The challenge

Downloading heavy technical drawings

“The collaboration with our former providers was very variable”, sighs Pascale Vanden Eede. “The drawings used to guide our machines are sent in by internet. These are extremely heavy files and there were often problems when downloading them.” Deba Systems was therefore looking for an operator that could also guarantee a powerful internet connection.


Optimisation of mobile phone use

The company also lacked a flexible solution for its mobile phones. “There needs to be good communication between our various sites”, explains Pascale Vanden Eede. “It is just that everyone has different needs. One employee makes lots of calls, another tends to send text messages.” Rather than giving everyone the same subscription Deba Systems therefore wanted to operate using mobile formulas to suit each individual employee.


The solution

One single telecom package for optimum comfort

Initially there was contact between Deba Systems and Orange–formerly known as Mobistar–back in 2010. Pascale Vanden Eede: “When it was time to renew our telephone switchboard we chose Orange. Besides their fixed telecom offer we also found Orange's other telecom solutions more interesting.” One thing led to another and Deba Systems chose the handy all-in-one package Shape & Fix. “The staff at the various sites now each have a customised mobile phone subscription. For those in our factory there is a landline and high-speed internet. And all that combined in a single package.”


The results

Simple, cost effective and rapid service

In Pascal's opinion, the biggest advantage of incorporating all telecom under Orange is the simplicity this provides: “With Shape & Fix I receive one invoice on which everything is really clearly and easily explained. I therefore can quickly see when an employee is making more calls or sending more text messages, and it is then easy to adapt the subscription.” This simplicity is also reflected in Orange' service, finds Pascale Vanden Eede: “When you have just one contact person questions or issues are resolved so much more quickly. A short text message or an email are sometimes all it takes to get something sorted out.” Pascale was quick to answer when asked about the implementation: “This was efficient. Everything was up and running within half a day.”


Fax problem resolved by Orange

Pascale Vanden Eede just wants to emphasise how pleased she is to have resolved the ‘fax problem’: “An issue we had been battling with for years was immediately dealt with by Orange”, she explains. “Certain customers were simply unable to send Deba Systems a fax. After one visit from the Orange fitter it was all resolved.”


Are you also looking for a telecom partner to make your life easier? Discover the full package from Shape & Fix.

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