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The USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa... We are active all around the world, and we want to work as efficiently as possible in the four corners of the globe.

Irush Vrioni


At first glance, what Zoetis does seems obvious: providing veterinary drugs for people and animals. And yet, this is a highly complex business. It welcomes any solution or method that might simplify this task. Irush Vrioni, EuAfMe Regional Lead, Enterprise Procurement and Operations: “Having put out a bid for tender, we quickly saw that Orange Shape was going to be the perfect solution for us.”


The challenge

Remaining transparent despite highly diverse telecoms profiles

"We have employees working in offices, labs, factories, our transport division, etc. Others are constantly travelling across Belgium, or even entire continents, and must, amongst other things, always be able to log into the CRM system on their iPad. So roaming services are of vital importance to us. The issue for us was knowing how much to offer each employee so they had a package which covered their needs, without losing sight of the big picture."


Using business resources responsibly

One of Zoetis’s guiding principles is responsible working practices. Its company motto is: "Run it as if you own it". "We therefore want to convince every single employee to use business resources responsibly. From this point of view, transparency and control are vital."


The solution

Clear profiles and appropriate packages

Irush Vrioni: “Internally, we had already allocated telecoms resources according to individual profiles. Hence we had already got a group of iPad users and three smartphone user groups. Orange Shape seemed like the ideal solution to offer each group just what they needed." Zoetis selected three out of the six various Shape packages (Light, Basic, Plus, Ultimate, Intense and Traveller).


Who gets which package?

Irush Vrioni: “The staff at our HQ got Shape Basic. This was a logical decision: they mainly make calls and their data consumption is low. Ultimate was the obvious choice for our field staff: they make a lot of calls and require a lot of data. For instance, they will be looking at our CRM system online or for specific information when they are with customers. Staff working outside of the country use Shape Traveller and, thanks to the stability of roaming, they can work anywhere in the world just as though they were in the office. We can also hold interactive meetings without any technical glitches.”


The results

A reliable and transparent telecoms service

All Zoetis staff now have the ideal telecoms package for them. “However is also important that we are able to quickly move them to another package if they start a new job, a new project or if they have to make an unexpected trip abroad. Shape quickly gives us this flexibility.”


Transparency and control

Irush Vrioni: “Our staff now make more judicious use of their iPad and smartphone. Thanks to the Invoice Split service (which is included in Shape), we get a clear overview of everybody's usage, whatever package they are on. This means everyone is aware of their usage and can change their usage patterns as required.” In short: Shape is simple, flexible and transparent.


Are you like Zoetis, with a wide range of staff with different telecoms profiles? Find out how the various Shape packages can fit everybody's consumption needs perfectly. Any staff who occasionally need to go abroad will also benefit from competitive international options.

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