The Internet of Things helps your company move forward


The concept of Internet of Things might seem futuristic, but it's already a reality. By interconnecting all sorts of devices through a SIM card, your business innovates and becomes more efficient.


According to estimates by Deloitte, more than one billion devices connected to a network such as the internet should be sold this year. The majority will be used in businesses, since the advantages are multiple. What devices are already available on the Internet of Things?


1. Intelligent sensors

The temperature of your production workshop, the number of customers in your store and the power consumption of your office--many parameters you can measure and track on the internet. A smart thermostat can even learn the habits of your employees to adjust the temperature continuously. The objective? Reducing your energy bill and your CO2 emissions. Together, we can contribute to a sustainable world.


2. Immediate warning in case of problems

The devices connected through a SIM card can automatically notify you in case of problems. The advantage? You are warned directly and you avoid lost revenue. A printer out of paper, an empty vending machine or a machine that's down: quickly solve the problem with the Internet of Things.


3. Permanent security

Expensive equipment or vehicles remain outside and you fear that they might be stolen? Connect them to be informed in case of attempted theft or break-in. 


4. Connected cars

The automotive sector is one of the strongest supporters of the Internet of Things. As of 2018, all new vehicles must be equipped with eCall, which automatically warns emergency services in case of accident. But today, many track & trace solutions already enable you to monitor your car fleet in real time. The connected car is already a reality. 


5. Payments everywhere

Thanks to a mobile payment terminal connected to the network, your clients can make payments everywhere. You take part in a trade fair? Your clients want to pay when goods are delivered to their home? In that case, the Internet of Things is something for you.


You would like to discover a smarter way of working thanks to the Internet of Things? Orange is number one on the Machine-to-Machine market. Together with our specialised partners, we propose tailor-made solutions for your company.

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