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Media and entertainment challenges

Navigating the media and entertainment landscape

Media & Entertainment companies contend with a dynamic, competitive landscape and numerous challenges:

Digital transformation

The industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation, requiring companies to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and preferences. Embracing new technologies and distribution platforms while phasing out traditional models can be challenging.

Technological advancements

Staying abreast of technological advancements in media delivery, virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence is necessary for enhancing user experiences and staying competitive.

Changing consumer behavior

Consumers' media consumption habits are evolving rapidly, with preferences for on-demand, personalized, and ad-free experiences. Companies must cater to these changing behaviors to stay relevant.

Data privacy and user trust

As companies gather user data for personalized experiences and targeted advertising, maintaining data privacy and earning user trust are paramount. Data breaches and misuse can result in severe reputational damage.

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The partner

Name: EVS

Sector: Media & Entertainment

The challenge

The exponential growth of video content requires great technical and human commitment to set up a live audiovisual production on site, especially for smaller events.

The solution

EVS Broadcast Equipment, together with Orange, wants to be able to run the production at a centralised location. This gives more flexibility and accessibility for a production company, with a positive impact on costs and the environment. This simultaneously also gives impetus to a sector under pressure from foreign content. This 5G project uses Orange Belgium's network and has been selected by the Federal Government of Economy for subsidies to accelerate the rollout and the implementation of 5G use cases in Belgium.

“Thanks to 5G, we no longer need to send an entire production team to an event. This reduces our travel expenses and carbon emissions”.

Nicolas Bourdon, Chief Marketing Officer at EVS

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Why is 5G essential?

5G will be used in several use cases regarding the creation of a live production center at La Grand Poste in Liège, setting up on-site productions using 5G and setting up a multidisciplinary team to improve the production process.

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