5 crucial questions and answers about Shape & Fix, the complete telecom package by Orange


Looking for a stable telecommunications solution for your landline, mobile telephony and internet? Shape & Fix by Orange has it all: a comprehensive solution with Data Bonus and an all-in-one invoice.

1. What is Shape & Fix exactly?

Shape & Fix is a comprehensive solution: the comfort and flexibility of the mobile tariff plan Shape is combined with Fix for fixed telephony and a broadband internet connection. For this comprehensive business solution, you have a single contact, a single contract and an all-in-one invoice.


2. Is Shape & Fix cheaper for me?

As Shape & Fix brings several services together in a single package, you benefit from the lowest price. Moreover, you get twice as much mobile data as with other Shape tariff plans.


3. Is the internet connection with Shape & Fix available everywhere?

At Orange, your broadband internet connection has a fixed IP address. This means your company easily uses its own mail server, web server or any other server application that is reached at the same IP address. You can also establish an external VPN connection with your company network. If your internet connection is unavailable, a 4G router is activated automatically to ensure you can keep working uninterrupted.


4. How safe is Shape & Fix?

As standard, the firewall in the modem closes or hides all ports from incoming internet connections. This means that, as standard, not a single device on your company network is visible or accessible from outside. There are no weak points in your network for cybercriminals to exploit. If you decide to offer server applications online, it’s easy to open up specific ports.


5. How does the installation take place?

From the moment you order to the moment it’s up and running: it takes just four weeks to set up your Shape & Fix connection. Your Fix connection is installed by a professional technician. And as an Orange customer, you can count on the support of our professionals every working day between 8 am and 7 pm and even at the weekend. Any repairs that are necessary are scheduled the following workday.


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