5 tips for giving your customers safe internet access


When customers see you’re offering free Wi-Fi, they gratefully make use of it. But how do you keep your network safe when it’s used by unknown visitors? And how do you protect those visitors from outside threats?

Make waiting enjoyable. Offer your customers free Wi-Fi to pass the time. It makes the wait so much more pleasant. 

Many wireless access points already include the option of creating a guest network. But simply activating it is not enough. After all, you have no idea who is using your network or what they are doing. Protect your guest network with these 5 tips.


1. Separate visitors from staff

Create separate networks for visitors and staff so visitors cannot access internal network services with their smartphones or laptops. Do this by sending out two Wi-Fi network names (SSIDs) from your wireless access point. Ask visitors to connect with one network, and reserve the other for staff. It’s best to only give your customers and visitors the name of your guest network. There’s no need for them to know about the internal network.


2. Use a landing page

Set up the guest network so that visitors who log in are directed to a landing page (‘captive portal’). Publish the terms and conditions of use for the guest network on this page. This way, your visitors know what to do and what not to do. You can design the page using your house style. It’s also a great place to list your contact information.


3. Get to know your visitors

Ask visitors to supply some details on the landing page such as their name, email address and possibly their telephone number too. It’s important to store this data for compliance purposes: if a customer abuses the network you can call them to account. You can also use their contact details for commercial purposes: send the visitor personalised ads or discount vouchers after their session. Of course, you need to ask permission for this on your landing page.


4. Limit the possibilities

It goes without saying that guest users should not have the same access as staff. This is not only better from a security standpoint, it also keeps guests from using up your network resources. You should limit the available bandwidth, as well as when and how long visitors can use the network. Also remember to filter and scan visited sites for malware. BKM, a subsidiary of Orange Belgium, can set up these services in your company with a solution such as HPE Aruba ClearPass or Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE).


5. Protect staff on guest networks

Occasionally, your own staff will visit other companies where they log into the local guest network. Lookout Premium and Mobile Threat Protection offer their mobile devices optimum protection from threats on networks that fall outside your control. With BKM endpoint security solutions you protect your staff’s smartphones, tablets and laptops. This way, they can always rely on optimum security when they’re on the go.


Want to know how to set up a safe Wi-Fi network for your customers? Check out our security solutions or contact your account manager.

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