A clever combination of fixed and mobile services


Orange Shape & Fix offers your company a complete telecom package. Mobile and fixed, voice and data: all you need. These are the five most important advantages.

1. A complete solution

Shape & Fix offers you a convergent solution that comprises mobile voice calls, 4G mobile internet, fixed voice calls and a broadband internet connection with VDSL2. This allows your customers and employees to reach you anytime, anywhere. You will have fast internet access and the opportunity to communicate whenever you want and wherever you are. 


2. Tailored to your employees

The Shape part of Shape & Fix is the mobile rate plan for your business. It offers a choice of six plans tailored to your employees needs. The two simplest profiles are for employees, who should always be available by phone regardless of where they are. The next two profiles are for people who use more data and the final two are for colleagues who spend a lot of time abroad.

You can easily switch between these formulas. If the needs of your company change, you can adapt your Shape solution yourself. Orange also performs regular checks in this regard.


3. Superfast browsing and simultaneous calls

Shape & Fix gives you the best possible conditions for voice calls wherever you are thanks to the extensive Orange mobile network. You also get super fast 4G browsing. At the office, your browsing will use a powerful VDSL2 connection with a fixed IP address. You will benefit from a download speed of up to 100 Mbps and an upload speed of no less than 20 Mbps. Perfect for downloading or sending large files quickly and securely.


4. Easy management & predictable costs

Shape & Fix guarantees predictable costs and transparent bills.The fixed Internet traffic is unlimited and thanks to Data Bonus you have a large mobile data volume. With the My Orange app, you can always monitor your usage, and with Travel Data Control, the overseas costs are also easy to control.


5. Professional support.

At Orange, you can communicate with your regular contact person for all your questions about Shape & Fix: daily from 8:00 to 19:00 pm and also on Saturdays. All this will ensure your company can always be reached. 


If you are interested in all the advantages of Shape & Fix. Contact your Account Manager or get in touch with us by phone or email. Click here for our contact details.


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