My Orange

Availability in app stores

The My Orange app is available for Belgium and the following countries:

  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • France
  • The United Kingdom

For iOS:

Your App Store is linked to ypur Apple account (Apple ID). Apple users are associated with the country they are in when the account is created. If your iTunes account is linked with a country other than the ones listed above you will not be able to see or download the app.


Search terms in app stores

 The My Orange app is available for iOS, Android & Windows phone and can be found using the following search terms: My Orange, MyOrange, Orange Belgium, data volume, data allowance, tariff plan, rate plan, Orange Thank You, subscription, top-up, top up, invoice


Good to know

From now on the My Orange app can always be accessed via the Orange Belgium network or via Wi-Fi. Via the network number recognition is automatic and you get immediate access to the app. Via Wi-Fi all you have to do is enter your telephone number. You receive an SMS code that gives you access to your data.

The system remembers you for 30 days. If the app is opened again after 30 days you must connect with the 3G/4G network (it’s free, remember?) or via Wi-Fi. You will then receive an SMS code to access your data.

The use of My Orange is free both in Belgium and abroad (with the exception of GPS to localise Orange shops, you will get a pop-up warning in the app itself).



  • The app can be used both in Belgium and abroad
  • Easy access to the list of Orange shops near you (the data volume used for this is not included)
  • Contacting our customer service is child’s play
  • You can manage your data volume abroad with Travel Data Control and activate or deactivate other options.


Invoice Split

Since 1 December 2016 you get an even clearer overview of your usage in your My Orange app. Previously you only got details of your own private usage (employer contribution excl.): now you can also see how much your employer contributes.

Are you lost?

This page is dedicated to companies. If you are a residential customer, please go to the Orange site destined to residentials.


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