Invoice Split splits telecom expenses


Invoice Split splits monthly telecom bills in two parts. We list the advantages for both employees and employers here. 

Employee advantages:

  • The employee can use his or her mobile device for work and private purposes. The employer covers a basic subscription amount. If this basic amount is exceeded, the employee gets attractive business rates.
  • Invoice Split is a recognised fiscal fringe benefit for the employee. 
  • The system is very transparent. The employee can monitor his or her own usage and manage his or her subscription in the My Orange app and Orange Customer Zone.

Employer advantages:

  • Cost control. The employer offers a fixed amount that is tailored to the employees. The employer’s monthly telecommunication cost is therefore fully predictable and transparent.
  • Because employees can manage their own subscription themselves in the My Orange app and Orange Customer Zone, the Fleet Manager no longer has to deal with any administration.
  • The e-signature platform allows end users to sign the contract electronically and remotely. This quick efficient service offered by Orange spares the Fleet manager from having to collect the paper contracts.
  • The employer is then certain that employees can communicate about/concerning work
  • Invoice Split is a free option in the Shape mobile price plan. 

A wide range of Orange business customers and their employees have been using the Invoice Split service for many years and are very satisfied with it. 

If you have any further questions about Invoice Split, your Account Manager will be happy to answer them for you. You can also contact us anytime by phone or email. Click here for our contact details

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