Let your telecoms make you an attractive employer


Telecoms plays a key role on the work floor. As a result, companies with a generous telecom offer are more attractive to talented employees. With the Employee Benefits Programme by Orange, you can offer your employees an interesting telecom package without making fundamental changes to your HR policy.

The war for talent continues to rage unabated. Technology experts Agoria, in conjunction with VDAB, Forem and Actiris, conducted a survey that found the number of jobs in our country will grow from 4.8 to 5.4 million between 2020 and 2030. Specialists predict that Belgium will be unable to fill a staggering 584,000 vacancies by 2030.
This means companies will continue to struggle to attract and retain the talent they need. Moreover, it’s become clear that new generations of employees expect greater flexibility, forcing companies to adjust their work methods.


Employee Benefits Programme: make telecoms your lure

Businesses can attract strong profiles with an appealing remuneration package, challenging job content and flexible mobility solutions. But telecoms also play a key role, particularly with the new ways of working. With the Employee Benefits Programme by Orange, you can offer current and future employees an appealing telecoms package. 

What can you do to position yourself as an attractive employer? 


1. Give your employees ample call and browsing options

Thanks to our generous Shape bundles, your employees benefit from virtually unlimited calls, texts and browsing, both during work and after work. For employees this is an interesting benefit. If you would prefer, you can even opt for a split invoice. The Invoice Split option lets you determine which portion of the telecom invoice you, as an employer, wish to pay.


2. Offer your employees the latest smartphones

A smartphone is an important tool for your employees, especially now that mobile working is all the rage. For many employees, a smartphone is an integral part of the salary package. The Hardware Bonus Programme gives your employees access to a premium smartphone. Some devices are even standard inclusions.


3. Offer benefits for the entire family

Thanks to the Cooldeals from Orange, exceptional benefits are not limited to the employees themselves, but also extend to their family members: from promos for the entire family to lifelong discounts. What’s more, these extras also apply to employees who don’t use a company smartphone.


4. Introduce flexible working

Nowadays, flexible working is important for many jobseekers. Make sure your company keys into that trend. Check out our tips to make flexible working easier.

All these benefits are easy to roll out, with little or no impact on the processes or HR policy of your organisation. Moreover, the range grows with your company, so you can always respond quickly to employee expectations.


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