Orange is building the network of the future


Orange is preparing its mobile network for a more efficient and sustainable future. New antennas ensure better coverage and less energy consumption.

Standing still is the same as moving backwards. That’s why Orange has embarked on a complete renewal of its mobile network in Belgium. The goal? A more efficient and sustainable future.


Latest generation antennas

Our clients need a better connectivity. To cater to your growing connectivity needs, we are replacing our existing antennas with new antennas that are much more efficient. This way, as one of our clients, you benefit from even better 4G coverage and quality for years to come. With our renewed infrastructure, it will also be possible to roll out the Orange 5G network in future. Read more about Orange and 5G here.

We’re passionate about sustainability. The new antennas are not only more efficient, they also use less energy. And of course, the current antennas will be recycled. 


Major works, minimal impact

The works started in the spring of 2021 and and will take more than two and a half years to complete. We expect the project to be completed by the end of 2023. 

For safety reasons, the works can only proceed by day. We replace antennas one by one, and only after every worksite has been thoroughly analysed. All your mobile communications (calls, texts, browsing) will automatically be routed via neighbouring antennas. As one of our clients, you won’t notice a thing.

Just in case, all our neighbouring customers will be notified of the works in advance via email or text message. 


Tips to stay connected during the works in your neighbourhood

  • If you need to contact the emergency services when your reception is compromised? Be sure to call 112 instead of 100 or 101.

  • Can you make calls with your telephone via the WiFi network? Activate this function on the day of installation. That way you'll always be connected thanks to VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi). Not sure if your phone is compatible? Check it here.

What should you do if you experience diminished coverage or connection problems? Consult our web page dedicated to these works. It is updated frequently to keep you informed about what’s happening.


View the planning of the interventions

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