Our revamped Customer Zone is fast and efficient


Fleet managers often have their hands full. With our recently updated Customer Zone, Orange makes managing a mobile fleet faster and more efficient. Here’s an overview of all the latest functions.

Hassle-free fleet management

As our client, you can access the Customer Zone from the moment you receive your first invoice—one month after the start of your contract. There, you can activate or deactivate existing mobile subscriptions in your fleet with the simple press of a button. You can request new SIM cards, or even a special option such as the Traveller Data Pass, which is easy to activate yourself. 


Fast activation of new numbers

Help your new staff get to work faster by applying for their Shape card via the Customer Zone. Numbers requested in the Customer Zone are now activated automatically, provided you don’t use Invoice Split. Your new Shape number is activated within the hour, so your new staff can get cracking right away. All Shape subscriptions benefit from this functionality. 


All your invoices in one place

Do you like to have an overview of your invoices? All information about your payments from the last 18 months is available in the Customer zone. You can easily view, print and store invoices in PDF format. Watch this video to learn how. You can also download invoices in Excel format. This makes analysing your payments much simpler. 

If you use Invoice Split, your staff can consult their six most recent invoices in the My Orange app.


Sort out your devices without leaving the office

In our Customer Zone, you can directly order new devices and accessories and have them delivered. If one of your staff is experiencing technical difficulties, our Easy Repair service will collect the device at the office and return it after repair. In addition, the Customer Zone offers an overview of your devices and extra options in the Hardware Bonus Program.


Save time with our Customer Zone.

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