Power your security with 5G


5G makes new use cases possible. The new mobile standard is also considerably safer than 3G and 4G. When you start using 5G, that’s the perfect moment to re-evaluate your entire security architecture and protect your network from within.

5G is the first mobile standard where security is part of its make-up. This security includes the following:

  • All the internal components in a 5G network authenticate each other and are strictly isolated from each other in a Zero Trust model. If someone manages to break into one of those components, they do not automatically gain access to the rest of the network.

  • End devices that link up with the 5G network, such as smartphones and IoT devices, authenticate themselves to the network with the aid of a protected key exchange. In previous mobile standards this was done with a fixed international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) number on the SIM card, which made attacks such as IMSI spoofing possible. This vulnerability, whereby an attacker takes over the identity of the SIM card, doesn’t exist in 5G.

  • Network slicing creates a safe, protected tunnel over the 5G network. Every slice is a separate network segment with its own end-to-end encryption.

In short, 5G is safer than 4G at every level, and even safer than Wi-Fi.

5G as the driver of new use cases...

The rollout of 5G is underway and many businesses are embracing the technology because of the new use cases it allows. The higher speed and reactivity of the network make numerous new services and applications in mobile form possible.

So it’s no surprise to see industry and sectors such as healthcare, logistics and construction develop a range of innovations thanks to 5G. Just think of autonomous vehicles, virtual reality and augmented reality.

...and better security

These new use cases are an excellent opportunity to bring your business’s security architecture in line with the strong built-in protection of 5G. Consider a proof of concept for 5G as an opportunity to look ahead and take a broader view of security than you need for your use case.

“By using the momentum of a 5G use case to revise your security, it takes a bit longer to implement a proof of concept, but subsequently implementing the same level of security would take much longer,” Wouter Van Tilborg, Innovation Manager at Orange Belgium, explains.

Start walking 5G

Orange has launched a new programme called Start Walking 5G especially for businesses that wish to explore a new 5G use case. In this programme we elaborate a proof of concept for your use case, roll it out and provide 5G awareness training on the technology and other use cases. Together we also look at the bigger picture: not just your current use case but also the technical aspects of the rollout and an overall future-proof architecture. This allows us to guide you in the digitalisation of your business.

Your security team is involved from the proof of concept stage, so current problem areas in terms of security can be discussed from the start. Together we explore the benefits of 5G and analyse your overall security approach. Wouter Van Tilborg: “We focus on such topics as your actual needs and the impact of encryption and firewalls on your network’s reaction time.” We can also call on the expertise of Orange Cyberdefense and offer a broad range of security solutions.

Would you like to set up a 5G use case? Contact us and join our Start Walking 5G programme.

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