Is your company ready for the millennials?


Millennials, those of us born between 1981 and 1999, will soon be the largest age group on the work floor. They work hard and often have different expectations of their job and of technology. Can your organisation meet them?

If millennials differ from other generations, it’s because their circumstances are different. This is the generation that grew up with the internet, mobile devices and social media. What characterises them? 


Focus on development

Although comparing age groups is always difficult, certain characteristics are more prominent than others. Millennials think more in terms of their career than their job. They like to work on projects and tasks that enable them to grow and develop. 



This group attaches a great deal of importance to collaboration and is quite self-conscious. They are also likely to rate their leadership skills pretty highly. This was one of the conclusions of the Global State of Managers survey among more than 3,000 employees around the world. It revealed that 73% of millennials felt they could do a better job than their manager, if not now then certainly with time.


Feedback and job flexibility

As they’ve grown up on instant media such as the internet and social networks, they also expect frequent and timely feedback on their performance.

Job flexibility is also a crucial factor. They like to choose where and when to work, which doesn’t necessarily mean at the office or during standard working hours. Technology offers them the freedom they need in this respect.


The solution: the new way of working

The best workplaces for millennials offer all the tools that support their expectations. This is in keeping with ‘The New Way of Working’. “Certainly in terms of HR, the ‘New Way of Working’ has a major influence,” says Sébastien Schalenbourg, sales manager at BKM, a subsidiary of Orange Belgium. 

Orange offers ICT solutions that allow businesses to evolve into flexible and open enterprises. We deliver fast, safe and stable connections, helping staff to work smoothly both in and out of the office. We also invest in tools that promote collaboration between colleagues, no matter how far apart they may be. This allows your staff more freedom, while ensuring that together they create a strong team.

One such tool is Circuit (software from Unify), Diederick Beckers explains. “This secure app brings together voice, video, chat and the sharing of screens and files in a single interface. It can even be used to organise virtual meetings.”

In his opinion, applications like this make it possible for businesses to switch to new ways of working. “It helps them remain attractive both to their existing employees and to young prospective employees. Because the latter group in particular want to see innovative ways of working together.”


Want to make your business millennial-proof? Discover our ICT solutions.

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