25 years of Orange: a word from our first customers


Over the last quarter of a century, the world of IT and telecoms has changed beyond recognition. Some of our very first customers are still with us after all this time. They joined us for a look back at how far we’ve come together.

In late August 1996, Orange took its first steps on the Belgian telecoms market. With our customers we welcomed the first mobile phones and saw them evolve into today’s ubiquitous smartphones. The internet gradually took over our everyday lives, and thanks to mobile data it’s now available anytime, anywhere.

Several companies got on board with us on day one. Now, a quarter of a century later, it gives us great pleasure to say that we are still travelling down that same road together.


Agfa-Gevaert, multinational in the chemical industry

One of our oldest customers is corporate Agfa-Gevaert, the specialist in analogue and digital imaging systems and IT solutions. Rudy Peeters, Global Purchasing Manager IT at Agfa-Gevaert, describes the long-standing collaboration: “Initially the relationship was that of customer and supplier but over the years this has developed into a partnership. Orange has an intimate understanding of how our company works and is familiar with the needs of our various departments.”

He says the collaboration with the Orange account manager is crucial in this regard. “Our account manager closely monitors every aspect of the relationship. During our monthly meeting we discuss what’s new on the market and whether it’s something for us. For instance, we recently introduced SIP trunking for our landlines. Our needs are always the starting point, no solution is ever forced upon us.”


Etna Sweets, SME in the food industry

Orange is also a reliable ICT partner for smaller businesses. SME Etna Sweets, well-known for its Virgin Mary-shaped marshmallows, has been a satisfied customer for 25 years. Fleet Manager Chris Buelinckx explains: “We’ve been using Shape subscriptions from Orange for many years. This offering dovetails perfectly with our needs and the needs of our staff. In those 25 years we haven’t had any problems to speak of. We’ve always been reachable and as a business that is what you expect from your telecom partner.”


Segers Transport, self-employed haulier

Guy Segers, of Containers & Transport Guy Segers, has customer number 13. In the past 25 years his company has changed quite a bit. “Back then I had staff and Orange made sure my people were always reachable, regardless of their location. Nowadays I work alone.” During this transition to a one-man business, he was always able to rely on our service. “I’ve stayed with Orange all this time.” It’s not only his business that has evolved – the same is true of his mobile phone use: “In the past we only used a phone to make calls or send texts but the introduction of mobile data has made our smartphone so much more versatile.”


Continue to grow with the customer

In the future, Orange will continue to act as an IT partner for companies large and small. We keep on top of evolutions in the fields of telecom and IT and we invest generously in research and development. This enables us to always offer Agfa-Gevaert, Etna, Guy Segers and all our customers the most efficient telecom solutions.

Together we raise our glass in a toast to the past 25 years as we look forward to a future full of possibility.


Side by side for 25 years: Agfa-Gevaert and Orange, so much more than customer and supplier. Read the testimonial!

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