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Customers expect decent advice from us. As our partner we also expect the same support from Orange.

Steven Priem


A company like the Priem Agency, active in the bank and insurance sector, gives priority to excellent customer relations. “Just as we give our customers the best advice when it comes to policies and contracts we expect Orange to do the same when it comes to communication,” explains Steven Priem, director at the Priem Agency.


The challenge

Continued growth support

With a staff of seventeen Priem's bank and insurance agency has become quite a significant organisation. “Our aim is to continue growing. This can only work if our communication tools are adapted properly,” say Steven Priem. “These days this is clearly something that cannot be left to chance,” he affirms, referring to a colleague who recently lost his smartphone. “At moments like those you also expect your operator to get you back in contact again very quickly. Orange resolves such things very efficiently.”



Besides an efficient service, companies also expect an operator to give them flexibility and cost transparency. Not every employee is in need of the same formula. “Some of my staff are regularly out on the road, for example for damage claims. Others, on the other hand, are entirely office based. Telecom needs can differ and can also change. Just like you need to update an insurance policy from time to time.”


The solution

Integral telecom provision and a tailor-made service

The Priem Agency comes to Orange for both their fixed and their mobile telecommunication needs. “Because even in this mobile era customers still just want to call a landline and speak to a member of staff based in the office.” One port of call covers all the Priem Agency's telecom requirements.


A la carte formulas using Shape

The Priem Agency use Orange's so-called Shape formulas for all its mobile staff. These allow each member of staff to enjoy a telecom package to suit their own individual needs. “The offer is à la carte and really clear,” explains Steven Priem, who also really appreciates the personal contact he has with the business consultant at Orange. “A service created to suit us and one you can always rely on.” Not only that, but staff can also phone each other for free on both the landline and the mobile.


The results

Optimal contact with customers

As a broker the Priem Agency not only strives to be independent, transparent in its rates and customer friendly, it also aims to be easy to contact. “These days there is less face to face contact with the customer. Communication tools, such as e-mail and mobile phones, take its place. This is clear each and every day and we therefore adapt.”

This is where Orange makes the difference. The operator provides excellent quality and reliability. “We can also track all individual tariff formulas. These are easily modified, as the employee's job evolves,” confirms Steven Priem.


Also contactable outside normal office hours

This all helps the organisation to operate as best it can. Staff at the Priem Agency can also be reached by e-mail and mobile phone outside normal office hours. “This is often the case in our sector,” stresses Steven Priem, referring to a recent call, made on a bank holiday by a customer who had experienced a fire. “You then need to be there for your customers. Selling insurance is one thing, dealing with an insurance claim after a fire is quite another. Optimum contactability is absolutely crucial in this case, and Orange takes care of this.”


Curious to find out how Orange can make a difference to your company? Discover the benefits of fixed and mobile telecommunications with Shape.

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