What are the rates for directory enquiry services?

Sometimes you need them instantly: a telephone or mobile number, or an address. There’s no telephone directory close to hand? No worries. Even without a telephone directory you can find the information you need in no time.

  • National fixed and mobile numbers of private individuals and professionals based on an address.
  • A name or address based on a fixed or mobile number.
  • A telephone number for a restaurant, car dealership or a doctor in a specific city.


How much does it cost?


Via your Orange mobile

Via your Orange landline


€1.56 per call and €0.36/minute

€1.56 per call and €0.36/minute


€1.645 per call and €0.268/minute*

€1.645 per call and €0.268/minute*


€2.857 per call and €0.346/minute**

€2.857 per call and €0.346/minute**


€1.299 per call and €0.216/minute*

€1.299 per call and €0.216/minute*


* from second 1 to 300. Free from then on.
** from second 1 to 900. Free from then on.


How does it work?

These services are available to all Orange customers. To use them follow these steps:

  • Call 1212 or 1207 for national enquiries.
  • Call 1212 or 1204 for international enquiries.
  • Call 1234 for the name and address to go with a Belgian telephone number.
  • Text your national enquiries to 1234 (e.g. send 051/23 44 90 to receive a name and address or send name@postcode (e.g. claes@1000) for a telephone number)


Your telephone number is not yet listed in the telephone directory?

Then call 1922 now to register.


The Mailbox 1207 service

Thanks to this service the users of 1207 can leave a message on your voicemail without actually knowing your number.

For instance: your son’s babysitter is late and she forgot to take down your mobile number, which happens to be unlisted. If she calls 1207 she can be put through to your voicemail and leave a message so you don’t have to worry! At no stage is your telephone number shared with the 1207 operator or the babysitter so your privacy is guaranteed.

If you prefer not to receive messages of this nature then call 0800 93 742 and press *.

Are you lost?

This page is dedicated to companies. If you are a residential customer, please go to the Orange site destined to residentials.


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