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5G is the new network technology that succeeds 4G. Orange Belgium is gradually rolling out 5G in several locations in Belgium. But what does this mean, precisely? What are the conditions? And what are the advantages for you?

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Until recently, 5G was primarily known for its industrial applications. But soon you too will have the chance to discover it. That raises some questions, so we have addressed some of the most frequently asked ones here.


1. What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of the mobile network and the successor to 4G. The differences? Above all it offers higher speeds and less delay than 4G. But it’s also more energy-efficient: 5G antennas have better energy performance and are therefore better for the environment.


2. How does the Orange 5G network operate?

For some time, Orange Belgium has been giving industrial partners and innovative companies the chance to experiment with 5G on a standalone network. This type of 5G network – which is used in the 5G labs in Antwerp and Liège, for example – has its own complete infrastructure, so the full potential of 5G, including network slicing, can be utilised.     

Orange is now opening up another type of 5G network for certain postpaid customers: a non-standalone network. In contrast to a standalone network, this doesn’t have its own infrastructure but instead builds on the existing 4G infrastructure. It makes it possible to surf at higher speed and with less delay than with 4G.

In the meantime, Orange is also working on expanding the standalone 5G network, so that in future all Orange customers can take advantage of 5G’s full potential.


3. When will 5G be available in Belgium?

The rollout of the 5G network has been taking place since February 2022, with Orange Belgium gradually introducing it in various places. Thanks to our temporary licence from the Belgian Institute for Postal services and Telecommunications (BIPT) our customers can already discover the advantages of 5G, even before the auction of the 5G spectrum is held in June 2022.


4. Where is there 5G coverage? 

Orange Belgium is progressively activating the 5G network at several places in Belgium. We are starting in Flanders because the emission standards there were already adapted to be able to offer 5G. Antwerp is first, followed by Ghent, the coast, Bruges and Leuven. The rest of the country will follow as soon as the BIPT has allocated the definitive spectrum.


5. Why 5G?

What can one do with 5G, exactly? Compared to 4G, 5G delivers up to three times higher speeds and reduced delay. That means you can surf faster on your telephone – not to mention that web pages load more quickly, videos begin playing immediately, and large files download faster. Video calls with colleagues, suppliers or customers are smoother on the 5G network.


6. What are the conditions for 5G? 

As of February 2022, Orange Belgium is giving its business customers with a 4G Shape subscription an opportunity to discover 5G at no additional cost. To use 5G, the following conditions must be met:

  • There is 5G coverage in your region
    As of the end of February 2022 a large part of the city of Antwerp is equipped with 5G, and other regions in Belgium will progressively follow.
  • Your telephone is compatible with the Orange 5G network
    Surfing on the 5G network is only possible with certain phones. Currently the Samsung Galaxy S21 and several devices from Xiaomi are ready for 5G. They will be able to connect with the 5G network either immediately or after a software update, depending on the device. You can check whether your phone is on the list of 5G-compatible devices on our website. 



Interested in the advantages of 5G? Stay informed of the latest developments on our 5G network .

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